Boys Varsity Football · Highlanders handle Southfield 33-14

First Quarter
Southfield started with it 1st-10 on their 27.   A&T QB Anthony Romphf (6) rolled right and tried a pass-back left to RB Leon Franklin (3).   LB Logan Sayre (27) was in position to make the tackle for a loss, but the ball was incomplete.   On second down, RB D’Anthony Robinson (24), a 5’8” 225lb. wrecking-ball, got the carry.  Ryan Rifenberg (9) took a big hit when he stepped in front of Robinson, but slowed him down enough for Jake Schuler (14) and Reed Vogt (79) to lead a scrum of defenders to stop the big back’s advance after a 7 yard gain.  On 3rd-3, Romphf found Cameron McEvans (1) for a 5 yard gain on a stick route; Reece Collins (1) made the tackle. 1st-10 at the 39.  Franklin got the carry and was stopped by Daniel French (54) and Reed Vogt after a gain of 2.  On 2nd-8, Romphf ran option left.  Jake Schuler made him pitch it right away to Franklin.  But Sayre and Schuler were there to contain him; he tried to cut back, but was mauled by Cole Michell (77) for a 7 yard loss.  3rd-13 from the 34.  On 3rd-13, Romphf heaved it deep down the middle in the direction of Saunders Carter (17), but coverage was good and the ball was under thrown.  Safety Nick Kania (2) picked it off and was tackled right away.
Highlander ball on their 38 yard line.  QB Carter Farris (10) missed over the top of Jack Bishop (5) on a slant route on first down.  On second down, Farris handed it to senior slotback Reece Collins on a jet sweep right to the short side of the field.  The Highlanders conducted a blocking academy on the play.  Center Tim Anderson (65), right guard Cole Mitchell, and right tackle Will Myers (70) drove back the right side of the line.  The ball fake to Fullback Maurice Swain Jr (24) fooled two defenders.  Left guard Reed Vogt pulled across and eliminated the outside backer on the edge.   Collins got his big night going early.  He turned the corner, lit the burners, and shot north along the numbers.  The right slot-man Twan Patritto (3) sealed his man to the outside, as did wideout Jack Bishop.  Bob Anderson came all the way across the field from his left tackle position, 12 yards down field, to block a safety along the right sideline.   Collins raced through the light rain for 52 yards before Southfield LB Jordan Crawford (32) climbed on his back and rode him down at the 10 yard line.
First and goal Highlanders.  Swain Jr (24) got it for a yard on first down. He got it again on second down and took it down to the 2 for a 7 yard gain behind blocks of Patritto, Vogt, Tim Anderson, and Will Myers.  On 3rd-goal from the 2, Patritto took a big hit from Crawford after only a yard.  4th-goal from the 1, and Reece Collins took it in.  He snuck under three defenders who appeared to have him stopped before the goal line, but was able to somehow bull his way in.  Touchdown Adams.
7-0 after Ben Patton (18) kicked the extra point.
1st-10 at the 23 for A&T’s second possession.  Schular and Sayre brought QB pressure off the edge and Romphf had to throw it early, incomplete.  2nd-10.  Southfield hit for their biggest play of the night.   Christian Broaden (2) lined up in the right slot, and took the pass from Romphf on a stick route, he cut outside, got a block from his wideout to seal the edge and sped down the Highlander sideline for 48 yards before Nico Jackson (21) ran him down.   Another big back, Anwar Jackson Jr (44), got the carry up the middle on first down.  Bob Anderson controlled his man and clogged up the hole. Logan Sayre rode him down with help from Dan French after a gain of 1.  On 2nd-9 from the Adams 18 Romphf tried to hit Broaden deep up the left seam, but Nico Jackson had good coverage; incomplete.   Sayre, Tim Anderson, and French brought down Robinson after a gain of 5.  Southfield was called for a personal foul, which made it 3rd-21 from the 35.   Romphf rolled right under pressure and had to throw it away.  On 4th-21, Romphf rolled right again, and had to tuck and run right after Reed Vogt pressured him.  Rifenberg brought him down after he picked up 14 down the right side line.  Turn over on downs.
Adams started their second possession on their 21.  Reece Collins took it on a jet sweep around the left side.  Cole Mitchell pulled and took out the edge defender.  Nico Jackson and Collin Weeks (4) had good downfield blocks.  Collins peeled off 21 yards up to the 42 yard line.  Farris kept it for a 5 yard gain before Collins lost 3 to make it 3rd-8 at the 44.    They set up a nice screen play to Jackson who took it in the right flat behind Tim Anderson, Mitchell, and Myers.  Anderson took out the first defender and Jackson ripped of 23 yards before LB Ian Brocks (7) rode him down at the Southfield 33.
Collins lost 2 yards on first down, then Farris hit him on a short out-route to gain 7 to set up 3rd-5 from the 28.  Nico Jackson got the carry around right end, got a good block from Collins, and picked up 7 to move the sticks to the 21.   Then Collins got a blocks from Jackson, Mitchell, and Bob Anderson to clear the way for 7 more yards on the last play of the quarter.
2nd Quarter
Maurice Swain Jr punched through a hole between a pulling Mitchell and Tim Anderson for 5 yards to make it 1st-goal from the 9.  Carter Farris took it in on the next play.  He reverse pivoted out to the right.  Myers, Collins, and Reed Vogt sealed the edge and Farris ran through three tackles to rumble in for the 9 yard score.
14-0 with 11:32 left in the half
The Warriors set up on their 30 yard line.   Anthony Romphf took the shotgun snap and looked to get it deep down the left sideline to Saunders Carter on a go-route, but Logan Sayre came untouched off the edge and forced the early and inaccurate throw.  2nd-10.   Incomplete again, this time trying to throw a bubble screen to Broaden in the right slot, too low.  On 3rd-10 Romphf found Cameron McEvans with an accurate ball on a deep in-pattern good for 17 yards; Patritto on the tackle.  1st-10 from their 47.   Anwar Jackson Jr found room off right tackle and rambled for a gain of 7 before Rifenberg tripped him up with help from Nick Kania.  Then D’Anthony Robinson got it going behind the block of 6’3” 340lb. left guard James Wadworth (55).  Again Rifenberg and Kania were able to trip him up after a 7 yard burst.
1st-10 from the Highlander 46.  Dan French stonewalled Jackson Jr on the next play; no gain.   Then Romphf found Christian Broaden on a short out and he made a man miss and shot down the Highlander sideline for a gain of 16 before Kania took him down.
1st-10 at the Adams 21.    Then QB Romphf kept it on a QB draw for 6; French made that tackle.  On 2nd-4 from 15 yard line Robinson took the snap from the wildcat formation and got it going off right tackle.  The massive Wadsworth pulled from his left guard position and led him through the hole.  Robinson got a head of steam going and ran through 5 tackles.  Sayre, Kania, Rifenberg, French, and Schuler all had a crack at him, but he wasn’t going down.  Impressive run by Robinson, he took it across the north goal line in the visitors corner to get Southfield back in the game.  14-7 after the successful PAT.  8:45 left in the half.
Highlanders started at their 36.  Carter Farris faked the give to Swain Jr, then took it around the block of Will Myers and under the seal block of Reece Collins for a 14 yard rip up to midfield.   Swain gained 3 on first down.  Then Reece Collins found the left corner for 8 yards around the block of Nico Jackson.  An offsides penalty made it 1st-5 at the Southfield 34, but the Warrior defense stiffened right there.  LB Dangelo McKenzie stopped Farris for no gain. Then LB Solomon Bell caught Collins in the backfield for a 3 yard loss.   On 3rd-8, Farris just missed Collins on a post-pattern, incomplete.
They chose to go for it on 4th-8 on the 37, but Farris’s pass to Jack Bishop on the slant-pattern was incomplete on a ball the sure-handed wideout would catch 19 times out of 20.
Southfield got it back, still only a touchdown behind, and with the momentum and energy on their side.  QB Romphf tried a QB draw, but Tim Anderson, Dan French, and Logan Sayre blocked his path, flushed him right, and chased him out of bounds for a 4 yard loss.  On second down, Romphf looked for Saunders Carter on the right sideline.   Good coverage.   Twan Patritto probably would have intercepted the pass, but the 6’4” Sayre, who had dropped back nicely in zone coverage, leaped up and tipped the ball right before Patritto could grab it.  Bad break, but nice play.  3rd-14 from their own 14 yard line.  Romphf went back to pass and was immediately under fire from the pass rush of Sayre, French, and Rifenberg.  He scrambled right and it looked like he could be sacked for a safety.  Sayre was closest, but he left his feet anticipating the pass.  That bought Romphf another second and a half to hit D’Anthony Robinson, who had leaked out late into the open space in the right flat.   Robinson churned for 17 yards up the numbers before Patritto tripped him up to prevent an even bigger gain.  1st-10 from their 31.   Anwar Jackson Jr got the carry, but Rifenberg met him in the backfield to stop his progress along with Bob Anderson; Kania and Schuler finished him off for a 3 yard loss.
On 2nd-13, Romphf hit Carter on a 5 yard stick-route.  Carter broke a tackle and was able to gain 12 before Rifenberg took him down with help from Kania.  3rd-1 from the 40.  QB sneak attempt, and Tim Anderson and Cole Mitchell stuffed it for no gain.  4th-1.  Again Robinson took the snap from the wildcat and followed the massive left side of his line, 340lb. guard James Wadsworth and 280lb. tackle Brandon Baldwin (53).   Robinson broke tackles before being tripped up by Sayre after a 13 yard rumble.  On 1st-10 from the Highlander 47, Rompf handed it to Robinson, who pounded for 4 more before Rifenberg took him down with help from Kania.  On second down, Romphf tried to hit Carter deep down the right sideline and just missed him; good coverage by Patritto.  3rd-6 from the 43.   Romphf hit Christian Broaden on a quick out for a gain of 4; Nico Jackson with the sure tackle to set up 4th-2 from the 39.  Again, the Warriors lined up in the wildcat with D’Anthony Robinson taking the direct snap and he tried to bull his way up the middle.  Tim Anderson came free off the left edge.  Cole Mitchell beat his man into the A gap.   Bob Anderson stone-walled the center.  All three met Robinson at the line of scrimmage and he could only manage a yard and a half.   Big play by the three interior Highlander lineman.   They brought the sticks out to measure; 6 inches short.
Huge stop for Adams.  Turn over on downs.
Highlanders took over on their 38.   Farris just missed Bishop wide on an out-route, then he was a bit too tall for Collins on a crossing route.   On 3rd-10, Farris was dropped by defensive tackle Bryce Austin (16) for a 4 yard loss and Ben Patton came on to punt it away. 36 yard boot.  The long-snapper Jake Schuler, as usual, was the first man to the ball carrier to provide perfect coverage; he brought him down for no gain.
Southfield ball at their 30.   They gave it to Broaden on the jet sweep left.   Rifenberg rode the outside block to string it out, and Kania came up to knock Broaden off his pins after a gain of 4.   Pass incomplete on second down as Logan Kania (44) provided the heat and flushed Romphf right; Reed Vogt tipped the pass.   On 3rd-6, Romphf found no one open, rolled right, and was planted by Cole Mitchell for the sack; loss of 4.   3-and-out.  Southfield punted it away.
With only seconds remaining in the half, Carter Farris tried to throw it deep to Collin Weeks down the left side, who was double covered but he went up and high-pointed the ball; off his hands incomplete.  That ended the first half with the score still 14-7 Adams.
3rd Quarter
Adams received the kickoff and Collins Weeks continued to provide a spark in the return game.  He took it at the 16 and shot south-bound up the middle of the field between blocks of Nick Goedtel (30) and Forest Dufresne (50).  Then he cut it left behind a block from Nico Jackson and turned on the jets down the visitor’s sideline for a 59 yard kickoff return to the Warrior 25.  Farris ran the read-option keep right for 4 yards.  Then he ran it to the left for a gain of 2.  On 3rd-4 from the 19, Farris went back to pass, but Ian Brocks came free on a blitz and spun him around before Jordan Crawford and Bryce Austin finished the sack for a 6 yard loss.  Ben Patton came on to try a 42 yard field goal.  Perfect snap by Schuler, perfect hold by Jerry Garrett (6), and the big left leg of Ben Patton sent it high over and through the uprights with about 15 yards to spare.
The Highlanders had a 17-7 lead with 9:20 left in the quarter.
The Warriors first possession of the half started at their 20.  Romphf had Saunders Carter open on a 10 yard slant, but the 6’5″ Bob Anderson got his hand up to tip it at the line of scrimmage; incomplete.  Mitchell and Rifenberg were in the backfield to disrupt the next play, a hand off to Leon Franklin.  He tried to go right but had to bounce left and spin off of Schuler in the backfield before French and Vogt cleaned up after a gain of 1.
On third down, Romphf found Cameron McEvans on a deep in-route, but a big hit by Patritto broke it up.  The Highlander defense held 3-and-out.  Robinson hit a 39 yard punt.
Highlander ball at their 40.  Farris hit Collin Weeks on quick hitch to the left sideline.  He got a block from Jackson on his way to 10 yards to move the sticks to midfield.  Then Reece Collins carried for 3.  On 2nd-7, Collins got open on an out-route and Farris, under heavy pressure, got it to him.  10 yard gain down to the Warrior 37.
On first down, Farris threw a strike to Nick Picot (11) who ran a 5 yard button-hook along the left sideline.   Picot turned upfield and gained 13 on the play before being knocked out of bounds.  After an offsides penalty made it 1st-5 at the 19, Farris kept it behind blocks from Tim Anderson, Mitchell, and Collins for a gain of 7 up the middle.  2nd-3 from the 12.   Collins got the handoff off of left tackle.  Bob Anderson, Vogt, and the trap block of Mitchell paved the way for 8 more to make it 2nd-2 from the 4 yard line.   It looked like the Highlanders were going to have no problem punching it in yet again.  But the Warriors defense stiffened.   Farris was stopped for no gain on second down.
Then he rolled right under pressure and got a break when his pass into the end zone was dropped by a defender on what should have been an easy interception.  Big break for the Highlanders.   4th and 2 from the 4 yard line.   No brainer go-for-it scenario for the Highlanders historically.   But this time they ran Patton out for the chip-shot field goal.  He converted to make it 20-7 with 3:57 in the quarter.
Soutfield got a 39 yard kickoff return by Christian Broaden and they started their drive on a short field from their 49.   D’Anthony Robinson got it going downhill again behind a great trap block from Brandon Baldwin and a lead block from Leon Franklin.   He broke three tackles on the way to 16 yards before Reed Vogt was able to get him down.   Then Romphf faked the give to Robinson and kept it around the right side; gain of 2 before Sayre pushed him out.   On 2nd-8 Rifenberg squared up Robinson in the hole, then got help from French and Sayre to drop him after a 1 yard gain.  3rd-7 from the Highlander 32.   Anwar Jackson Jr ran a crossing route out of the backfield.  Good coverage, but the pass was perfect and Jackson Jr made a play in the middle of the field.  He held on with Rifenberg draped all over him, then broke the tackle and angled towards the left corner of the north end zone.   23 yard gain before Jackson was able to ride him out of bounds at the 9.  On 1st-goal the big bruiser, Robinson, got it going over the left side.  He broke 3 tackles before Rifenberg, Collins, and French were able to bring him down.  On second and goal, Jake Schuler knifed in off the left edge to hit and stop Robinson after only a yard to make it 3rd-goal from the 1 yard line.   Again, Robinson lined up behind center in the wildcat formation.  The Highlanders stuffed the middle, but Robinson, showing nimble feet for a 220lb. back, was able to bounce it left around the pile for the score.  20-14 after the PAT with 57 seconds left in the quarter.
1st-10 Highlanders on their 36.   Carter Farris tried to pass to Weeks on a quick hitch to the left, but the ball sailed high.  The wet conditions were definitely effecting Farris’s grip on the ball.   Farris pass to Reece Collins on a deep out was on target, but Warrior cornerback Brent Johnson (5) made a nice play and went up with Collins to knock it away.   On 3rd-10, Farris was under pressure immediately by the Southfield pass-rush.  He had to scramble and throw it away.    A&T stopped them three-and-out.  Patton came on and got off a 38 yard punt.  Jake Schular made the tackle for no gain on punt coverage.
On first down from the Southfield 26, Broaden couldn’t hang on to a short-out pass; incomplete.   Then Robinson took the handoff and took it around the left side where Logan Sayre pushed him out after a gain of 4.
4th Quarter
3rd-6 from the Southfield 30.  Romphf looked to go deep to Carter down the left sideline, but Reece Collins had him covered.  Romphf scrambled left and Sayre and French dropped him after a gain of 1.  4th-5 at the 31.   Another big 3-and-out stand by the Highlander defense.  Robinson got off a 40 yard punt.
On 1st-10 from the 29, Highlander fans were treated to the best kind of deja-vu.  Nico Jackson took the handoff going right towards the short side of the field.   Reed Vogt pulled out in front, chipped the end, then got the kick-out block on the outside backer.   Will Myers and Cole Mitchell sealed the edge, and Jackson darted around them.  Jack Bishop blocked the corner and Bob Anderson, from his left tackle position, was 12 yards downfield to take out the safety.   Jackson shot like a rocket between Bishop and Anderson and no one was going to catch him.   He blazed down the visiting sideline and into the north end zone, easily running away from 5 Warrior pursuers.   Just like he had done in week 2 in against Bloomfield Hills, the speedy Jackson had electrified the Highlander faithful with another 70+ yard 4th quarter touchdown.   This one for 71.   Another blocking clinic by Adams.   Every block was crucial to the play; if any one of them don’t get made, it’s not a score.   They tried for 2, and the Farris pass was incomplete; intended for Bishop on a quick slant.  26-14 with 10:58 left to play.
Warrior ball on their 32.   Romphf made a nice back shoulder throw on a deep ball down the right sideline to Cameron McEvans, but Patritto was there to break it up and prevent a 32 yard gain.   D’Anthony Robinson got the next carry.  Tim Anderson rode him down after a gain of 5.  On 3rd-5 Romphf’s pass was incomplete.  Broaden was open on a short out, but couldn’t hold on.  3-and-out stand by the Highlander defense, their 4th of the night.  Robinson punted 29 yards to the Highlander 34.
Highlander ball trying to put this game away.  Farris was stopped for no gain on first down by Austin.   Then Jackson gained 8 around the right tackle; Myers and Mitchell sealed the edge and Vogt had the trap block to spring him.  On 3rd-2 Nico Picot ran a go-route down the right side visitor’s sideline and Farris put a nice pass over the defense to hit him for a gain of 23 down to the 35.
Nick Traficante (34) got the next carry and went for 6 yards up the middle before Jackson was stopped for a loss of 1 to set up 3rd-5 from the 30.   Farris rolled left and found Collins open on a short out-route.   Collins hauled it in for a 9 yard reception and a first down for Adams at the 21.   After Swain Jr was stopped for a gain of 1, Reece Collins broke off another great run.  He got it going around left tackle.  Cole Mitchell pulled from right to left and violently pancaked the outside linebacker.   Bob Anderson and Nico Jackson sealed the inside, and Collin Weeks got a block on the corner.  Collins turned the corner and bolted into the secondary.  He spun through two tacklers at the 5 and took it into the north end zone for a 20 yard Highlander touchdown.   Patton was good on the PAT.  33-14 Adams.
Southfield got it back on their 32.   On first down Romphf rolled left, and right into the pass rush of defensive end Logan Kania (44).  Kania chased him down and dropped him.  12 yard loss on the sack.   On 2nd-22 Romphf hit McEvans on the quick hitch on the left side.  He went for 10 before Patritto, Kania, and Rifenberg teamed up to bring him down.
On 3rd-12 Romphf had Broaden on a crossing route, but the umpire appeared to shield his view as he ran past, and he couldn’t bring it in.   On 4th-12, with Bob Anderson right in his face, Romphf got a pass off to Jackson Jr, who got free deep down the middle on an arrow route out of the backfield.   The pass came in a little high; he had to go up for it at midfield and couldn’t bring it down.  Highlanders caught a break.   It looked like it could have gone for 6 if he was able to make the catch.
Highlanders took over on downs at their 30.   Collins reeled off 22 more yards on first down.   Again, it was Reed Vogt, Bob Anderson, Nico Jackson, and Collin Weeks with the key blocks.   Collins raced down the left sideline, stopped before he went out of bounds and cut back inside to make a man miss.  Then he spun through another defender before he was brought down on the Southfield 9 yard line.
After Swain Jr was stopped after a gain of 1, a personal foul was called on Adams to move them back to the 23.   Collins got dropped for a loss of a yard.  QB Jerry Garrett fumbled the snap and was touched down for a loss of 2.   On 4th and goal from the 26, Garrett handed to Chase Krol (25) who went around left tackle, got a block from Chris Jenkins (12), and gained 6 yards.
Warrior ball with less than a minute left to play on their 20.    Broaden couldn’t come down with it on an out-route.  On second down, Romphf hit Carter on a stop-route good for 15; Weeks on the tackle.  Then they had trouble with the snap and Romphf had to fall on it for a 4 yard loss.   The final play was 9 yard completion to Arron Foulkes (12); Collins, Rifenberg, and Kania were all in on the stop.
This one went much the same way as the A&T vs. Adams game of a year ago, when a close game was blown open by a dominant Highlander 4th quarter.  Adams out-gained Southfield 367 to 269 in total yards from scrimmage.  Adams held a 272 to 93 yard rushing advantage, while Southfield had a 176 to 95 yard passing edge.  For Southfield A&T, the dangerous QB Anthony Romphf was held to minus 1 yard rushing in 9 attempts.  He completed 11 of 29 pass attempts for 176 yards.  RB D’Anthony Robinson caught 1 pass for 17 yards and smashed his way for 86 yards and 2 touchdowns on 15 carries.  RB Anwar Jackson Jr had 3 carries for 8 yards, and caught 1 pass for 23.  WR Christian Broaden had 3 receptions for 68 yards.  Cameron McEvans had 3 receptions for 32 yards.  Saunders Carter caught 2 passes for 27 yards.
For the Highlanders, QB Carter Farris was 7 for 17 and 95 yards through the air, and had 11 carries for 31 yards and a touchdown on the ground.  RB Reece Collins led the rushing attack with 13 carries for 133 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He also caught 3 passes for 26 yards.  RB Nico Jackson had 4 carries for 85 yards and a touchdown.  He also caught 1 pass for 23 yards.  Maurice Swain Jr carried 6 times for 18 yards.  WR Nick Picot caught 2 passes for 36 yards.  WR Collin Weeks caught 1 pass for 10.   LB Ryan Rifenberg paced the defense with 11 tackles.  LB Dan French, LB Logan Sayre, and DB Nick Kania all had 9 stops.  Kania also had an interception.  DB Twan Patritto, DT Cole Mitchell, DE Reed Vogt, DT Bob Anderson, DT Tim Anderson, DE Jake Schuler, and DB Reece Collins all collected 4 tackles a piece.   DE Logan Kania and Cole Mitchell each had a sack.