Highlanders News · Spring Sports Information

Spring Sports Practice/Tryouts – Begin March 11

*All athletes are reminded they must have a physical, dated after April 15, 2018 before they can practice or tryout.  
* Times below subject to change, due to elements. Please re-confrim prior to March 11th for updates

Baseball (Varsity/JV/Frosh)
March 11:
3:30-5:30pm:  Juniors/Seniors at Varsity Shop
6-7:30pm:  Junior/Senior pitchers & catchers
7:30-9pm:  Frosh/Sophomores
March 12:
6-7:30pm:  Frosh/Sophomores 

7:30-9pm:  Juniors/Seniors
March 13:
3-4:30pm:  Frosh/Sophomores
4:30-6pm:  Juniors/Seniors
March 14:
3-4:30pm:  Frosh/Sophomores

4:30-6pm:  Juniors/Seniors
March 15:
8:15-10:30pm:  All players at Oakland Univ sports dome
March 16:
9-10:15am:  Junior/Senior  bullpens
10:15-11:30am:  Frosh/Sophomore bullpens
More info:  jhall1@rochester.k12.mi.us or www.adamsbaseball.weebly.com

Boys Golf (Varsity/JV)
March 4:  Tryout meeting at 3:15 in PE classroom 101
March 11:  Tryouts begin – Twin Lakes GC/golf facility TBD pending weather
More info:  dpicot@rochester.k12.mi.us or www.rochesteradamsgolf.com

Boys Lacrosse (Varsity/JV)
March 11-12:  7-9pm at stadium
March 13:  7-9pm at Bloomfield Garage
March 14:  5-8pm at Bloomfield Garage
March 15:  5-7pm at stadium

More info:  miketorriglia@gmail.com or www.adamslax.com

Girls Lacrosse (Varsity/JV)
March  11-13:   5-7pm at stadium
March  14-15:   3-5pm at stadium
More info:  arosenau@rochester.k12.mi.us

irls Soccer (Varsity/JV/JVB)
March 11-13:  3-5pm at stadium
March 14:  3-5pm at Oakland Yard – Varsity candidates only
March 14:  5-7pm (JVA/B)
March 15:  3-5pm (Var), 5-6:30pm (JV), 6:30-8pm at Oakland Yard
More info: jhickey@rochester.k12.mi.us

Softball (Varsity/JV)
March 11:  Varsity 3-5pm, JV 4-6pm  

March 12:  Varsity 3-5pm, JV 4-6pm
March 13:  Varsity 6-8pm, JV 6-8pm
March 14:  Varsity 6-8pm, JV 6-8pm
March 15:  Varsity 3-5, JV 4-6pm
More info:  fscislowicz@rochester.k12.mi.us

Girls Tennis
March 11-15:   3-4pm @Lifetime Fitness on Avon Road, or at Adams, if weather permits
More info:  gtburks@comcast.net

Boys/Girls Track and Field
March 4-8: 
Non-mandatory conditioning in gym from 2:45-4
March 11-15  Meet in the cafeteria each day at 2:45, followed by practice until 5pm

More info:  elohr@rochester.k12.mi.us