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Adams Rise Club

Adams Athletics is proud to announce the formation of a new student-athlete leadership initiative. In conjunction with Rise to Win, this club will be a launching point for empowering the Adams athletic community to foster leadership in our student-athletes through education on social justice and equality in and through the platform of sports. We are looking for student-athletes who want to challenge the character ARC of their athletic and academic journey while at Adams and beyond.

The initial plans include an 8 week approach that will have a Rise facilitator help educate and moderate discussions on various topics around social justice in sports. These 8 weeks will feature zoom meetings that are 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Plans after that include the development of service projects and opportunities for our ARC members to be leaders through civic engagement and sports.

Please email Mr. Hassler at bhassler@rcs-k12.us if you are interested of have any questions.

There is an urgent need for youth to exercise greater leadership and this, hopefully, will offer an opportunity to do just that. Bring your ideas, visions, and a heart for others and let’s make a difference.

“The only thing greater than sports is the spirit that rises from it.”