Boys Freshman Football · Adams Freshman Football 43 vs. Southfield-0

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43 Adams High School
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Southfield A & T vs Adams High School
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Adams Freshman Football vs. Southfield
October 17, 2019
It’s a beautiful sunny day; it’s a little chilly, but perfect for football. Southfield to kick off to the
south end zone; Adams to receive to start the game. Southfield is called offsides for a 5 yard
penalty on the kick off. Southfield kicking now from the 35 yard line, received by #2 at the 25
yard line. He breaks to the left, comes back to the right and is brought down by #25. He’s down
at the Southfield 35.
Out of the single back set it’s given up the middle to Picot, down to the 31 yard line, stopped by
#65. End around to Buck, down to the 26. Paterra with a keeper; fumbles the ball and
Southfield recovers.
It’s Southfield‘s ball from the 26 yard line and they fumble! Paterra makes up for the earlier
fumble and gets the ball right back. It’s an end around to Buck from the 25 yard line; he breaks
to the hash mark, and touchdown! Extra point kick by Timko is good.
Adams 7-0
It’s Timko with the squib kick up the middle, received at the 20 by Southfield; they takes it up to
the 32 yard line, and it’s Picot with the tackle. It’s Southfield with the run to the left, led by #5,
tackle assist by #21 for no gain. It’s second down; there’s a dive up the middle with a gain of
five up to the 37 yard line. Picot with the stop. It’s third and five; dive up the middle again
stopped by a host of highlanders. Southfield goes for it on fourth down; It’s a quarterback
keeper to the outside, with Buck for the stop. Turnover on downs; it’s Adams’ ball on the 39
yard line of Southfield. First and 10 Adams. End around to number 24, gain of one, tackle by
It’s a quarterback Keeper; Paterra takes it down to the 21 yard line for a first down. It’s an end
around to 24 to the left side for a great run! He takes it down to the 3 yard line and it’s first
and goal. It’s Picot with the dive up the middle; he takes it down to the 1 yard line and it will be
second and goal from the one. Time out Southfield. It’s second down, and it’s Paterra with the
keeper; third down from the half yard line. It’s Picot with the dive up the middle. Touchdown
Adams! Extra point is good.
Adams 14-0
It’s Timko with a squib kick up the middle; received at the 25 yard line, where Southfield is
downed by #51, with Creson for the assist. It’s first and 10 Southfield from the 31 yard line.
Out of the I pass down the hash on the side left; it’s overthrown. It’s second and 10, Southfield.
Out of the I once more, quarterback flips it to the back around the left side; tackled by Greer
and Picot. It’s third and four for Southfield. With a run up the middle, there’s a flag down and
it’s Orsini with the tackle. There’s a run around the left side, tackled by #9, #53 and #4. It’s the
end of the first-quarter.
Teams switch directions; ball fourth and one from the 39 yard line. Dive up the middle; first
down, Zazeckis with the tackle. Pick up of one. It’s second and nine. Ball’s on the 46, and
Southfield out of the I. There’s a delay of game; it’s Southfield with a 5 yard penalty.
Southfield with the fake to #9; it’s Picot with the pressure, quarterback breaks to the outside,
taken down by #4. It’s a pitch to the deep back, brakes to the outside taken down by Zazeckis
and Paterra. Southfield is called for holding; this will take the ball back 10 yards. With the ball
on the 32, there’s a pitch to the deep back. It’s a reverse! Ball knocked out by #21, recovered
by Picot, and there’s a flag on the play. Illegal formation on Southfield is called. Declined- with
the ball on the 6 yard line. It’s first and goal from the six for Adams. Pitch to #2, around the
right side aiming to the corner of the end zone, avoiding the pylon and it’s a touchdown for
Adams! The kick hit the upright and the extra point is no good.
Adams 20-0
Timko kicks towards the south end zone from the right hash; it’s a squib kick up the middle;
hitting the receiver in the face; taking it to the 35 yard line, Sukkar and Orsini with the tackle.
It’s second and six Southfield. With a dive up the middle, he’s initially hit by #21, and finished
off by a gang of Highlanders. It’s third and three, Southfield all up the middle, hit by #21, with a
gain of one before being taken down by a host of Highlanders. Southfield comes out of the I,
gives it to the back, and is immediately hit by a host of Highlanders. It’s a turnover on downs
and it’s first down Adams! First and 10 from the 42 yard line, dive to Zazeckis, for no gain. It’s
Zazeckis with the dive again, breaking a couple tackles for a gain of 6 yards. Picot with the dive
again powers the ball down to the 35 yard line that will bring up fourth and 4. Paterra with the
pass; great back shoulder throw, end around to the right side for a huge collision at the goal
line. It’s touchdown Sukkar! Kick is good.
Adams 27-0
The Timko squib nearly bounces over the receiver’s head and it’s Sukkar and Picot with the
tackle on the 25 yard line. It’s first and 10, Southfield from their own 27. Time out is called by
Southfield. There’s a fumble on the play, and it’s recovered by #2 from Southfield. It’s second
down and 11, given to the deep back, #9, off tackle, fumbles the ball, but after the whistle;
Creson with the tackle. It’s third and seven; ball is given to the deep back again and a great
tackle is made by Picot and #9 for a loss. It’s the end of the first half, with Adams leading 27 to
Second half starts with a booming kick down to the 2 yard line, it’s a great open field tackle by
Picot at the 6 yard line; Buck and #54 with the assist. It’s first and 10, Southfield from the 6 yard
line. Fumble on the play; recovered by #2 on the 2 yard line. It’s third and 15 from the 2 yard
line coming up. The ball is given to the deep back up the right side, and is taken down by Picot
and #21. Southfield will punt. The snap sails over the punter’s head- safety Adams.
Adams 29-0
Southfield has a free kick from the 20 yard line. It’s Jake Sukkar with the reception up the
middle of the field; taking it up to the 32 yard line. It’s first and 10 Adams. Ball is given to Picot
with the dive, and there’s a gain of about 2 yards. This brings us to second and eight; jet sweep
to Buck who is gang tackled at the 30 yard line, after a good hard run. Paterra with the fumble
and attempted lateral pass to Picot. Recovered by Southfield on the 37 yard line. It’s first and
10 Southfield, with #4 powering down to the 44 yard line- Orsini and Picot with the stop. It’s
second down; ball tossed to #4 again. It’s taken down right at the marker by #68. It’s first and
10 Southfield. Number 4 once again up the middle with a gain of 3 to the 50 yard line- Sukkar
with the stop. It’s second and 6, ball given up the middle once again to #4. Ball is sprung loose
after the runner was down, Paterra runs it 50 yards into the end zone anyway. Refs are talking
amongst themselves; no call, third down. Third and six fake to Sukkar with the pressure, and it’s
taken down for a loss of 8 yards, but it’s a beautiful play. It’s fourth and 14 coming up; ball
kicked over the punter’s head once again. There’s a gaggle of Highlander’s tackling him, brought
down finally by #71 and #9.
Adams gets the ball back on downs. It’s first and 10 from the 24 yard line. End around; fake to
Buck, wheel route to Picot who makes it to the corner, makes one man miss, stumbles at the 5
yard line. It’s 1st and goal from the 5. With a dive to Zazeckis, he’s hit immediately and tackled
at the 5 yard line for no gain. It’s second and 5, with a fake to the fullback. Huge collision on
the fake, Paterra keeps it for a touchdown!!! Kick is up and good.
Adams 36-0
It’s another squib kick received at the 30 yard line by Southfield, tackled by #54, 5, and 27. It’s
first and 10 Southfield, from the 41 yard line. Out of the I, fake to the deep back; it’s a
quarterback keeper on the outside, close to first down. It’s second down, coming up at the end
of the third-quarter. Southfield starts the fourth quarter with the second and three from the 49
yard line. Give to the deep back right up the middle; huge scrum, ball is popped loose. Number
9 picks it up and trucks down to the 25 yard line, and it’s Buck with the stop.
Next it’s a quarterback keeper. Adams pokes it loose and Sukkar runs it down to the 43 yard
line with a big turnover! It’s first and 10, from the 43 yard line. Out of the shotgun, Paterra
passes to the left on the hash mark to #2 over a shoulder grab; incomplete but we have flags all
over the place. Refs call pass interference on Southfield. It’s first and 10 for Adams. It will be
spotted at the 43 yard line Southfield. Paterra with the pitch to Picot, who throws it incomplete
to Buck for a nice pass. Then it’s DJ with a great run to first and goal Adams! Sukkar makes it to
the edge for a touchdown! Kick is good.
Adams 43-0
Timko kicks towards the north end zone with a squib kick up the middle. There’s some
confusion by Southfield as they fall on the ball at the 37 yard line. It’s first and 10 Southfield
from the 37, and a time out is called. Southfield runs it up the middle. It’s second and six, given
to the deep back and slammed to the ground: huge hit by #2! It’s third and one from the 43
yard line, given to the fullback who squirts up the middle to the 51 yard line, taken down by
#41. Southfield runs it to the right side, with a stop by Fashho for a gain of none. It’s second
and 10, given to the deep back, gaining 8 yards, taken down by Davis and Zazeckis.
Third and two, given to the deep back on the left side, makes the edge, tackled by #22 and 54.
First and 10 from the 30, fake to the deep back with a long pass, broken up by #2 at the goal
line for great coverage.
That will preserve the shut out at the end the game!
Final is Adams 43 – Southfield 0.