Boys Freshman Football · Boys Freshman Football beats Oxford 31 – 0

31 Adams High School
0 Oxford High School
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Away Home
Adams High School vs Oxford High School
31 0
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Another beautiful football
afternoon was experienced by the
Adam’s Freshmen Football Team.
The weather was perfect. The
warm sun, cooling breeze and
clear skies made for a pictureperfect atmosphere. The
Highlander Road Warriors have
their second straight away game
against the Oxford Wildcats. The
Highlander’s Offense started off
right where they left off the prior
week. Nick Paterra, 9, on the first
play, on another read option QB
keeper, took the ball down to the
14-yard line. The 60-yard gain
stunned the Wildcat Crowd. The
bellowing voices of the opposing
coaches were clear as the sky.
Unfortunately, the offense stalled,
and Colin Timko, 20, had to kick a
32-yard field goal. Adams leads 3
– 0 early in the first quarter.
Another Timko touchback
placed the Wildcats with the ball
on their own 20-yard line. The
Wildcats offense appeared ready,
as their power run game turned
out several first downs. After a
stop by Andre Cresson, 71, on
second and 5 yards, the Oxford O
stalled with an incomplete pass on
third down. The Wildcats were
confident and decided to go for it
on fourth down. The completed
pass was stopped short by
Paterra, turning the ball over to
the Highlanders at their 42-yard
Tait Picot,13, started the
next drive off with an explosive
dive play, running all the way
down to the Oxford 12-yard line.
The 50-yard gain quieted the
Oxford Fans. Picot continued the
drive with runs for 4 yards, 2
yards and 3 yards down to the
Oxford 2-yard line. Paterra
capitalized on the keeper securing
a first down. He then followed on
the next play with a keeper for the
TD. Timko is good again for the
extra point, Adams 10, Oxford 0
with 0:56 left in the first quarter.
The Wildcats started the
second quarter on offense, getting
a first down to their 48-yard line.
Their momentum was stopped, as
the next run was stopped for no
gain by the stout, Jack Myers, 51
on the D-Line. An Oxford
procedural penalty moved the ball
back another 5 yards. The
Highlander D came to play as
Tanner Buck, 27, made an
outstanding play at corner to
secure an interception from the
Wildcat QB. Tanner brought the
ball back 18 yards for the
Highlanders to start their next
series at their 48-yard line.
Paterra kept the ball on the
option for 11 yards. After stalling
on the next set of downs, on 4th
and 5, the Highlanders fumbled. It
was recovered by the Wildcats at
their 35-yard line. Oxford was
unable to capitalize on the
turnover as Broder Kawa, 19
pressured the Wildcat ball carrier
out of the pocket to be tackled by
Paterra for a 4-yard loss. An
incomplete pass by Oxford made
it 4th and 5. The Oxford punter
miss handled the snap, and was
downed by Aalyian Hassan, 68, at
the Oxford 21-yard line.
After a 1st down loss of a
yard, the offense launched their
first pass of the season, a slant by
Paterra to D’Juan Greer, 2. Greer
ran 22 yards, untouched for a
touchdown. Another Timko extra
point, and Adams leads 17-0 over
Oxford with 1:33 left in the half.
Oxford was reeling at the end of
the half. They fumbled the ball,
recovered by Paterra at the
Oxford 25-yard line. The next
play was an incomplete first down
pass. The great field position was
unable to be capitalized on, as
Paterra was sacked to end the
half. Adams 17, Oxford 0.
The second half began with
a Timko kickoff fielded at Oxford’s
20 and tackled immediately by
D’Juan Greer. Oxford came out
determined in the second half but
were held on third down with a
tough tackle by Tait Picot. On
fourth and five, Oxford punted.
The punt was fielded by Picot at
the 35 of Adams and returned to
the 45. The Adams ground attack
continued with a big gain by
Paterra on a QB keeper, running
16 yards to the Oxford 44-yard
line. Unfortunately, the ref’s
yellow flags started flying as a
holding penalty, followed by a
procedural penalty, backed the
Highlanders up 16 yards. The
offense got back on track with a
QB keeper to make it a more
manageable 3rd and 13. A
completion to D’Jiuan Greer for 21
yards made it another Adam’s first
down. Greers concentration and
great hands made for an exciting
play. Picot then gains 5 yds on a
sweep by Damarcus Rouse, 24,
brought the ball to a first and goal
at the Oxford 4-yard line. From
there, Tait picot punched it in for
the TD. Timko’s Extra point was
good, and the Highlanders lead
the Wildcats, 24-0.
On Timko’s kickoff, another
great special teams tackle was
made by Damarcus Rouse at the
Oxford 30-yard line. Tanner
Buck, 27, held the Wildcats for
another ‘no gain’ on a run attempt.
D’Juan Greer had a solid tackle to
make it third and five from the
Oxford 35-yard line. The Wildcats
scratched out another first down
on a pass completion to the 50.
Buck made another great tackle
for a loss, and after the next 2
incomplete passes, Adams took
over. Oxford’s punt went out of
bounds at the 26-yard line.
Broder Kawa. 19, came in to
run the Highlander Offense at the
start of the fourth quarter.
Feeding the “rock” to Zazeckis
and Sukkar, they added to the
Adams run game. Jake Sukkar
ran for another 7 yards, and then
broke off a big gain after a key
block by John Thomas, 41.
Oxford’s horse collar tackle was
called on the play, adding an
additional 10 yards. The
Highlanders moved the ball to
Oxford’s 15-yard line. Sukkar, on
the next play, ran in untouched for
the score. Timko’s kick was good,
Adams 31, Oxford 0.
Timko squibbed the kickoff,
and a solid special team tackles
by Sukkar, 4, had the Oxford O at
their 40-yard line. The D held
strong with tackles by Kenny
Davis, 54 and Jack Myers, 53.
Timko, 20, got in the mix with a
tackle on second down. On 3rd
and 5 at the Adams 40-yard line,
John Thomas, 41, had a solid
tackle. The Highlander D, on a
great swarming effort, held Oxford
to a 4th and seven play. The
Wildcats were stopped on fourth
down with a sure tackle by Nate
Zazeckis, 53.
Adams takes over at their
31-yard line for the final series of
the game. Unfortunately, after a
great run by Damarcus Rouse for
a touchdown, a penalty brought
back the score. The offense kept
marching down the field with runs
by Zazeckis, and Sukkar. The
offense came to a halt as the time
finally expired. Final score,
Adams Freshmen Highlanders 31,
Oxford Freshmen Wildcats 0.