Boys Freshman Football · Boys Freshman Football beats Stoney Creek 49 – 8

8 Stoney Creek High School
49 Adams High School
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Stoney Creek High School vs Adams High School
8 49
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Adams Vs. Stoney Creek game
Thursday, October 24, 2019
It’s a crisp fall afternoon and a great day for the last Freshman game of the season.
Stoney Creek kicks down the field, with Adams starting strong right away with a
Paterra touchdown on the second play. Extra point is good.
Adams 7-SCHS 0
SCHS answers with a long run and a touchdown of their own on the second play of
their possession. Two-point conversion is good.
Adams 7- SCHS 8
Adams has the ball now, and right away Sukkar has a great run and scores another
touchdown! Extra point by Timko is good. There are two minutes left in the
Adams 14- SCHS 8
Stoney Creek drives down the field, tackles by Picot and Kawa for a loss on the play.
It’s 3rd and 11. Incomplete pass by Stoney Creek is broken up by Sukkar. On the
next play there’s a tackle by Buck and a turnover on downs.
Second quarter starts with a quarterback keeper for a gain of about 10, then another
for a gain of 1. For the third play, there was no gain, and it’s 3rd down. Incomplete
pass thrown to Greer, and it’s 4th and 9. Punt by Paterra, ball down on Stoney Creek
16, and it’s 1st down Stoney Creek. Next Stoney Creek gets a gain of 7, and then 2,
and it’s 3rd and 1, Creson for the tackle. Next play produces a gain of 2, with Spinks
for the tackle. Picot and Greer tackle Stoney Creek, and then Picot tackles for a loss.
Time out Stoney Creek. Clock starts again, and it’s a turnover on downs.
Paterra hands off to Sukkar for a good run of about 7 yards. Next it’s a hand off to
Picot for a touchdown! Extra point by Timko is good!
Adams 21- SCHS 8.
Kickoff to Stoney Creek, tackle by Creson. Next play Creson sacks the quarterback,
for 3rd and 12 for Stoney Creek. Incomplete pass to complete the downs, then
Stoney Creek kicks down the field. Now that Adams has the ball, Paterra hands off
to Sukkar for a carry of about 20 yards. Then we see a quarterback keeper for a loss
of 1. Next there’s a pitch to Rouse, who zigzags through Cougars right and left for a
gain of 10 for a 1st down. On the next play, Sukkar has a great run in for another
touchdown! Extra point is good.
Adams 28- SCHS 8
Adams’ kick down the field is picked up by #21, quickly tackled by Picot. Ball’s on
the Stoney Creek 28. Number 21 again with the Stoney Creek run, tackle by Greer.
It’s 2nd and 5 for Stoney Creek. There’s a long throw to the receiver, which is
incomplete, almost intercepted, broken up by Picot. The next throw by Stoney
Creek is intercepted by Spinks, and run in for a touchdown! There’s a flag on the
play, but it’s against Stoney Creek. Extra point is good.
Adams 35- SCHS 8
It’s the beginning of the second half. Stoney Creek kicks and Myers recovers the ball.
Next play has Sukkar with the carry for about a 30 yards gain! It’s first down. Next
play is a hand off to Buck for a gain of 3. Next up is a quarterback keeper for a gain
of 1 for 3rd and 6. Next play is a hand off to Sukkar, who accelerates down the field
for a great run into the end zone for a touchdown! Extra point is good.
Adams 42- SCHS 8
Kick by Adams is picked up by #21 for a gain of a few, tackle by Hassan. Next play is
a quarterback keeper and there’s a fumble on the play, recovered by Adams for a
first down. Paterra makes a long throw down the field to Greer, who catches it and
runs it in for an Adams touchdown! Extra point is good.
Adams 49- SCHS 8
Adams kicks down the field, and #21 picks up the ball, tackled by Buck. Next play
produces an incomplete pass, and it’s 2nd and 10. Stoney’s #33 carries it down the
field and is tackled by a host of Highlanders, led by Kawa. Next play is a complete
pass to #17, with a hard tackle by Picot. Stoney’s #33 carries the ball again about 20
yards down the field for a first down. Quarterback keeper is next for 5 yards with
another Picot tackle. Next it’s #12’s turn to carry the ball, with Spinks and Picot for
the tackle, for a loss of 2; it’s 3rd and 7. Next Stoney Creek carry is for a small gain,
with Zazeckis for the tackle. There’s a turnover on downs for the end of the 3rd
The 4th quarter starts with Kawa as the new quarterback. Kawa tosses to Buck for a
2 yard gain. Next play has Zazeckis with the carry for a 4 yard gain up the middle.
Quarterback pitches to Rouse, who runs laterally, but for no gain. Quarterback
hands off to Spinks, who makes his way through a host of Cougars for a yardage
gain. Next play is a quarterback keeper, tackled by #s 7 and 5. Next up, Zazeckis
carries for a few yards, with Greer next with a carry for the first down. Quarterback
hands off to Rouse, who is brought down by a few Cougars. Greer gets the ball on
the next play. Quarterback pitches to Spinks for an end around, for a gain of 5 yards.
Holding penalty is called on the Highlanders. Time out is called. Kawa carries the
ball for the next two plays, and then it’s turned over on downs.
Stoney Creek throws a long completed pass, and he’s swiftly brought down by
Monteiro. Number 13 gets the next reception, and he’s tackled by Thomas. Number
21 catches the ball and is tackled by Zazeckis. The last Stoney Creek pass is
incomplete, and the final score is Adams 49- Stoney Creek 8!!!!
Great last game boys! You should be proud of an awesome season.