Boys Junior Varsity Football · Boys Junior Varsity Football falls to Oxford 36 – 14

14 Adams High School
36 Oxford High School
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Adams High School vs Oxford High School
14 36
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Although Adams started on
offense, a quick fumble put the
Highlanders in a defensive
position against the Wildcats.
An incomplete pass broken up
by Brendan Green and a tackle
for a loss of yards by Josh
Vokal and Keenan Frazier had
the Highlanders hopeful, but
Oxford scored on a TD pass.
They were unable to make the
two-point conversion, thanks to
a stop helped by Luke
Stockoski. Adams 0 – Oxford

Adams took over on offense
with 10:01 left in the first
quarter. Stockoski returned the
ball 15 yards to the 35-yard
line. Carries by Christian
Schomer, Stockoski, Green
and QB Marco DiCresce
advanced the ball down the
field. This was helped along by
a fumble recovery, thanks to
John Rittner, and important
blocking by Andrew Rolfs and

With first and 10, Schomer took
the ball to the 3-yard line,
setting up second and goal.
Schomer scored a 3-yard TD
and Remini Tillotson kicked the
extra point. Adams 7 – Oxford
Tillotson kicked off to Oxford
and the Wildcats were stopped
by Ryan Kevelighan and
Charlie Tobicyzk. The next
couple series featured nice
tackles by Frazier, Vokal,
Rolfs, DiCresce and Max
In the second quarter, Oxford
scored from the 42-yard line
and then made the two-point
conversion. Adams 7 – Oxford
14 with 9:54 left in the second
With the Highlanders back to
receive, Stockoski took the ball
to the 32-yard line. First-down
drives led by DiCresce, Green
and Schomer set up a 2 nd and 8
pass to Schomer who took the
ball to the 3-yard line. With first
and goal, Green scored the
touchdown and Tillotson kicked
the extra point. Adams 14 –
Oxford 14 with 3:56 left in the
second quarter.
After kicking off to Oxford,
Dyllan Sheppard stopped the
ball at the 41-yard line. Despite
an earlier stop by Vokal, the
Wildcats scored on a TD run
and made the two-point
conversion. Adams 14 –
Oxford 22 with 2:40 left in the
After a good effort, Adams was
forced to punt and the half
ended with Adams on defense,
and down by 8 points.

At the start of the third quarter,
AHS kicked off to Oxford. Good
tackles and coverage were
provided by the Highlanders,
including Nick Stokan, Frazier,
Stockoski, Rittner, Vokal,
DiCresce, Schomer, Green and
Kori Pelayo. The Wildcats
scored from the 7-yard line but
Schomer stopped the two-point
conversion. Adams 14 –
Oxford 28 with 6:11 left in the
third quarter
After a couple first downs, an
interception gave possession
to the Wildcats with the ball on
the 20-yard line. Tough tackles
by Rolfs, Green, Vokal, Will
Kroll, and a QB sac by Mohid
Imran forced Oxford to punt the
ball away. Adams took over on
offense with 10 seconds left in
the third quarter.
Multiple first downs kept the
Highlanders in the game and
advanced the ball to the 48-
yard line, but the Highlanders
turned the ball over on downs.
Oxford scored on their first
offensive play and made the
two-point conversion. Adams
14 – Oxford 36 with 6:52 left in
the game.
Green went in at quarterback
and a nice first down from
Peyton Montour kept the
Highlanders hopeful. But the
Highlanders were unable to
score again.
Final score: Adams 14 –
Oxford 36