Boys Varsity Football · Boys Varsity Football beats Seaholm 17 – 6

6 Seaholm High School
17 Adams High School
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Seaholm High School vs Adams High School
6 17
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The Highlanders kicked off the game to Birmingham Seaholm. Seaholms unable to make a move and end up punting to Adams. Adams starts the offense with 15 yard run by Quarterback Farris , Trafficante follows up with a run up the middle. Farris connects on a pass to Nick Picot who takes it to the goal line. After a couple of attempts Pattritto runs the ball in for a touchdown. Adams 7 – Seaholm 0.

Highlanders kicked off to Seaholm to give them their second attempt on offense. Seaholm unable to overcome the Highlanders defense is forced to punt. The Highlanders try mixing it up with an incomplete pass to Patritto and a couple of runs on the outside. Highlanders go for the field goal but Larson’s attempt is unsuccessful. Seaholm back on offense hands off the ball to their running back and is stopped at the line of scrimmage by a tough Highlanders Defense. Second attempt is a toss but the play is broken up by Tim Anderson. Third hand off is also stopped in the backfield by Sayre. After failing to move the ball Seaholm is forced to punt.

The Highlanders back on offense waste no time moving the ball with a pass to Patritto to gain 10 yards. Second down another pass to Patritto on the opposite side of the field but, the Highlanders fail to complete the charge and turns it over to Seaholm on Seaholms 25-yard line. Sealholm gets off two runs that barely move the ball before the end of the first quarter. Adams 7- Seaholm 0

Beginning of the second quarter Seaholm still has the ball. The quarterback struggles to make his play and is sacked in the backfield by Ethan Kaiser . Seaholm is forced to punt. Highlanders first drive by Patritto moves the chains. Two consecutive runs by Patritto sets up a great run by Ethan Kaiser who takes it to the 7 -yard line. With a few attempts Adams fails to put the ball over the goal line and decides to go for the field goal which is kicked in by Larson. Adams 10- Seaholm 0

Seaholm back on offense and this time they get their first down with two successful runs which are followed up by another first down that puts Seaholm on Adams 40 -yard line. Seaholm picking up yards by mixing up runs including a quarterback sneak for another first down. Highlanders defense stops Seaholm and they are forced to go for the field goal which is kicked short. The Highlanders passing attempt is unsuccessful and they are forced to punt. Seaholm’s quarterback is on the move keeping the ball on several runs is able to get first down. Seaholm comes up with a big run to take it to Adams 25 -yard line. Seaholm’s quarterback runs the ball for a gain, his second attempt on the left side this time, is stopped by Bob Anderson and Murray. The quarterback gives it another try on the right side but is stopped again at the line of scrimmage by Bob Anderson and Swain. Another Quarterback keeper up the middle this time is stopped by Swain and Sayre. Seaholm forced to punt on Adams 13 yard line.

The Highlanders offense mixes it up with some runs and passes but fail to make the first down and turns it over to Seaholm. Seaholm is moving the ball with some solid runs. Seaholm is making another run at 3rd and 2 but stopped in the backfield with a great tackle by Parker Picot. Adams back on offense puts the running game to work getting the ball down to the 1- yard line with a great run by Henke. Then Farris pushes the ball over the goal line for and Adams score and successful Kick by Larson. Adams 17- Seaholm 0

Seaholm finds some solid runs and a couple of completed passes to get first down. They come up again with a breakthrough run up the middle for a Touchdown. Seaholm goes for the extra 2 points but are denied by Adams great defense. Adams 17- Seaholm 6

The Highlanders struggle on offense and is forced to punt. Seaholm still trying to find success mixes it up with runs and passes but falls short and is forced to punt. The Highlanders are unable to move the chains and are forced to punt back to Seaholm. This drive Seaholm is able to gain yardage with solid runs but it isn’t enough before time on the clock. Final score Adams 17- Seaholm 6