Boys Varsity Football · Adams closes out regular season with a 17-3 victory over Stoney Creek

3 Stoney Creek High School
17 Adams High School
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Stoney Creek High School vs Adams High School
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1st Quarter

Adams took the opening kickoff. Collin Weeks (4) gave the Highlanders good field position with a 37 yard return to the 46. QB Carter Farris (10) passed complete to Reece Collins for 19 yards on first down, all the way to the Cougar 35 yard line. Maurice Swain Jr carried for a gain of 2. Then Nico Jackson (21) carried for 6. Farris was stopped for 1 yard on 3rd down to set up 4th-1. Stoney Creek blitzed the run like they knew what the play call was going to be. They stopped Collins for no gain and took over on downs.

1st-10 from their 26. Stoney handed it to Davon Morris (3) who was wrapped up by Bob Anderson (64) for no gain. Then QB Frank Potenza (10) made a perfect pass to beat good coverage, hitting slot man Andre Demetral (7) for a 34 yard gain. 1st-10 at the Adams 26. Potenza threw a quick pass to the flat, but safety Nick Kania shot in to knock down Cam’ron Burford (22) for a loss of 1. Ryan Rifenberg (9) got the stop on Beford on the next play, a short run for 2 yards. Then it was Rifenberg along with Logan Kania (44) in the backfield on 3rd-9 to sack Potenza for an 11 yard loss. Stoney punted it away.

Highlander ball on their 25, but they were a quick three-and-out. Jackson rushed for 4. Anthony “Twan” Patritto was drop for a 4 yard loss. Then Patritto caught a 8 yard pass to make it 4th-5. Farris quick-punted for 43 yards.

The Cougars second drive stared at their 27. The Highlander D would return the favor, stopping them three-and-out. Rifenberg and Bob Anderson stopped Morris after a gain of 1. Then Rifenberg was in the backfield again, Morris stiff-armed him but was swallowed up by Nick Kania and Reed Vogt (79) for a loss of 5. After an incomplete pass set up 4th-14, Stoney punted it away again.

Adams took it back on their 46. After an incompletion on first down, Jackson gained 1. Then Farris threw incomplete after his receiver lost his footing near the visitor’s sideline. Ben Patton punted it away. 29 yards with no return.

Stoney Creek would be held to another three-and-out, the fourth in a row in an uneventful first quarter. Daniel French (54) and Bob Anderson stopped Buford after a yard. Then Jackson stopped Morris after a gain of 3. Potenza missed on a 3rd down pass on the last play of the quarter.

2nd Quarter

Stoney Creek punted it away. 25 yard boot.

Adams would be turned away three-and-out for the third consecutive drive. Patritto gained 4, the, Nick Traficante (34) rushed for 2 before an incomplete pass made it 4th-4 from the 48. Farris quick punted again, 46 yards down to the Stoney 6 yard line.

Highlanders turn on defense again, and for the third straight time, they forced a punt on the 4th play. It was Logan Sayre (27) tackling Morris after a gain of 4. Then it was Jackson and French teaming up to stop him after 4 more. On 3rd-2 Sayre, Logan Kania, and Jackson led the mass of humanity that stuffed Morris for no gain. The Cougars punt was low and it hit a member of the punting team 17 yards downfield.

Adams took over on a short field at their 31, and this time they would find some room. Farris rushed for 11 on first down, but it was negated by a holding penalty to make it 1st-11 from the 32. After an incompletion and pas interference penalty on Stoney Creek made it 1st-10 from the 17, Reece Collins (1) gained 6. Then Swain Jr. pounded it for 5 behind the drive blocks of Tim Anderson (65) and Cole Mitchell (77). 1st-goal from the 6. Patritto rushed for 3, then Collins for 3 and paydirt. He got a block from Rifenberg out of the backfield on the edge, and bounced it outside and into the north end zone. Ben Patton (18) converted the PAT, and it was 7-0 Highlanders with 5:03 left in the half.

Patton’s kick was into the end zone, so Stoney took over at their 20. Nick Kania stopped Burford for no gain. Then Potenza found his tight end, Colin Toth (49), for 8 yards. On 3rd-2, Morris found room for 3 yards before French stopped him. After a first down incompletion, Sayre and Nick Kania teamed up to stop Potenza on a keeper after a gain of 6. On 3rd-4, Potenza kept it going around the left side, but Reed Vogt was there to slow him down, and Nico Jackson finished him off for a loss of 4 to set up 4th-8 on the 32. Another short punt, 18 yards, gave it back to Adams with good field position.

Highlander’s ball on the Cougar 48 yard line. Jack Bishop (5) caught a pass from Farris, good for a gain of 8. Then Farris hit Collin Weeks for 20 yards down the the left seam. The Highlander’s false started, then Farris threw 3 straight incompletions. Patton came on to try a 42 yard goal, missed it right, but Stoney was offsides on the play. Patton got to try again from 37, this time it was good. 10-0 Adams lead with 48 seconds left in the half.

Cole Mitchell dropped Morris for a 3 yard loss before Collins took down Burford after a 6 yard catch and run for the final play of the half.

3rd Quarter

Stoney Creek ball to start the half on their 20. Quick three-and-out. Sayre and Patritto dropped Burford after a 5 yard carry. They two incompletions brought the punter out again. 28 yard punt.

Adams ball and they would only need three plays to score fro their 47. Collins ripped off 8 yards under the kick-out block of Nico Jackson and over the drive-blocks of Bob Anderson and Reed Vogt. Jackson, Anderson, and Vogt again provided interference on the next play, this time a 7 yard keeper by Farris. Then Patritto got it around left and the play was blocked to perfection. Anderson and Vogt took out the left side of the line again, Cole Mitchell pulled and kicked out the defensive end. Reece Collins sealed the outside linebacker and Patritto raced untouched for a 38 yard touchdown run. 17-0 Highlanders with 10:08 left in the quarter.

Stoney Creek would take it back at their 20 and embark on their longest drive of the night. French and Sayre tackled Morris after 3 yards. Then Potenza gained 2; French and Sayre again with the stop. A Highlander offsides penalty made it 3rd-1 before Burford ran for 4 to pick up the first down; tackled by Logan Kania. Rifenberg and Mitchell teamed up to stop Zach Denha (2) after a 4 yard gain. Then Portenza hit Toth for a catch and run of 9 yards. Bob Anderson, Jack Schuler (14), and Rifenberg stopped Morris for a 1 yard loss before and incompletion set up 3rd-11 from the 45. Potenza was on target, hitting Denha for a gain of 16 to move the chains to the Highlander 29 before Nick Kania dropped him. Potenza was on target again, this time to Demetral for a gain of 10 before Collins made the stop. Potenza hit his third straight pass, this time for Jacob Joseph (20) for a gain of 13 to make it 1st-goal from the 6. After an incompletion, Demetral picked up 2 yards on a short reception from Potenza. Then Stoney Creek was flagged for a personal foul, which made it 2nd-goal from the 18. Potenza threw incomplete, but Jackson was called for interference. It appeared the Cougars benefited from a bad call after the receiver fell down; it looked like Jackson had great coverage and no contact. That was a half-the-distance to the goal penalty, but they marked it 2nd-goal from the 9 instead of 1st and goal. So it appeared Adams benefitted from an incorrect down ruling, as the phantom interference penalty should have made it first and goal. Nick Kania broke up a pass over the middle with a big hit on Colin Toth on the 2nd down play, then Portenza had to let it go early with Rifenberg and Tim Anderson bearing down on him, incomplete. 4th-goal from the 9. They brought the field goal kicker on, but it was a fake. The holder, Nicholas Potenza (32) stood up and threw a pass to his tight end on the left side, Adam Quni (88), but Reece Collins had him covered like glue and broke it up. Adams took over on downs. 17 yard drive by Stoney, but it turned up empty.

1st-10 on their 9 yard line, Patritto ripped for 8 around left tackle. Then Swain Jr was stopped for 1 before he got the handoff again and gained 3. Good enough for a first down to the 21. After Collins and Patritto were both limited to a yard, Farris threw incomplete, and Patton came on for the punt, which he hit for 40 yards.

Demetral caught the quick pass from Potenza on first down, but had to go down to make the catch and lost a yard.

4th Quarter

Frank Potenza found Andre Demetral for an 11 yard pass play before Kania made the stop. Potenza hit Jack Warner (12) for a gain of 10; Collins on the tackle. Potenza, who played Rochester Redskins youth football as a youngster with many of the Highlanders, was showing good poise and accuracy against a heavy pass rush. He hit for his third straight pass, this one for 8 yards to Demetral before Patritto knocked him down. After an incompletion, Nick Traficante (34) and Sayre combined for a stop on Burford after a gain of 6. Burford got it again and Rifenberg got help from French to limit him to 3. On 3rd-2 from the Highlander 21, Potenza rolled right and hit Toth out of the backfield in the right flat for 5 yards and a first down. Then Potenza got 6 tough yards before being brought down by Sayre and Patritto. 2nd-4 incomplete, intended for Demetral in the end zone; Jackson had the blanket on him. 3rd-4 incomplete, intended for Warner, coverage by Collins. 4th-4 from the 10 . Surprisingly, down 17-0, only 4 yards to gain, less than 8:00 minutes to play, Stoney elected to kick a field goal. It was good from 27 yards out, 17-3 Adams with 7:42 in the game.

Adams ball on their 20 trying to salt it away, but again, the game defense of Stoney Creek took advantage of predictable play calling. It was apparent Adams was going to run stock plays to avoid putting anything interesting on film with the playoffs pending in a only a week. Swain pounded for 1. Farris kept it for 2. Then Farris hit Weeks on a nice seam route for 22 yards. 1st-10 on the 45 and they false started to make it 2nd-15 on the 40. Collins got dropped for a loss of a yard, then Rifenberg gained 3. Farris just missed Patritto up the left seam, who almost made a circus one hander, but couldn’t rake it in. Patton came on to boot it away; short one with a bad bounce for only 14 yards.

The Cougars got it back with some hope on the 44. Potenza missed over the middle to Demetral; Jackson running stride for stride with him. Then Jack Roehrig (87) caught his first pass, Potenza hit him for a gain of to set up 3rd-3 from Highlander 49. Incomplete, a fastball intended for Joseph over the middle, a little high and off his hands. But on 4th-3, Potenza found Dementral on a quick stick-route, he made a man miss and picked up 6 to move the sticks to the 43 yard line. The first down pass down the right sideline for Roehrig was well covered by Patritto. Incomplete. On the next play, Potenza found Roehrig for 7 yards on short dig-route before Patritto brought him down. 3rd-3 from the 36, incomplete. Jake Schular knocked it down, intended for Demetral on a short out-route. 4th-3. Rifenberg came off the edge and Potenza tried to hit Demetral on the quick stop-route. But it was a little to far to the right of him, incomplete. Adams ball on downs.

Highlanders again pounded the rock and ran clock. Collins lost 2, then Swain was stopped for no gain. Farris kept it for 1. The clocked ticked, and Stoney burned time outs. Patton came on and shanked one off his foot for 13 yards.

Stoney got it back on the Highlander 48 with 75 seconds to play. French was called for a pass interference even though he made no contact with the receiver until after the ball had hit him in the back as he ran in perfect coverage. 1st-10 on the Adams 33 and the Highlanders would hold for three incompletions in a row before Collins brought down Demetral after a 4th down gain of 8.

Adams took it on down and kneeled to run out the clock for a 17-3 victory in the last regular season game of the year.

Good punting and the Adams defense controlled the game and kept the Highlanders on a short field. They only gained 189 total yards from scrimmage, but seldom had to go far. Stoney Creek put forth a great effort on both sides of the ball. Adams didn’t utilize many plays in the playbook, and Stoney Creek was well prepared. They solved the Highlanders interior trapping scheme better than most this year. Stoney Creek gained 204 yards from scrimmage. They rushed for only 46 yards, but Frank Potenza was 18-37 passing for 158 yards. He also rushed 5 times for 9 yards. Andre Demetral caught 8 passes for 78 yards. Cam’ron Burford rushed 9 times for 23 yards and caught 2 passes for 5 yards. Colin Toth caught 3 passes for 22 yards. Jack Roehrig caught 2 for 14 yards. Davon Morris carried 10 times for 10 yards.

For the Highlanders, Carter Farris was 5-13 passing for 77 yards. The Highlanders rushed for 112. Anthony Patritto had 6 carries for 50 yards and a score. Farris also had 5 carries for 23 yards. Collins carried 7 times for 14 yards and a score, and caught 1 pass for 19. Maurice Swain Jr had 6 carries for 12 yards. Nico Jackson rushed 3 times for 8. Collin Weeks caught 2 passes for 42 yards. Logan Sayre and Nick Kania paced the defense with 9 tackles each. Dan French and Ryan Rifenberg had 6 stops each. Twan Patritto, Reece Collins, and Nico Jackson all had 5 tackles.