Boys Varsity Football · Comeback against West Bloomfield falls short 24-20

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20 Adams High School
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West Bloomfield High School vs Adams High School
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1st Quarter

West Bloomfield won the toss and took the ball. QB CJ Harris (1) completed a quick pass to RB Donovan Edwards (6) who lined up as a wideout on the left side. CB Reece Collins (1) knocked him out of bounds after a gain of 1. Harris kept it on a QB keeper for 8 yards; LB Daniel French (55) made the stop. Then on 3rd-1, it was Edwards for 3 yards before LB Logan Sayre (28) took him down. 1st-10 from the 32. LB Ryan Rifenberg (9) brought down Edwards after a 4 yard gain with help from French. DT Cole Mitchell (66) and French stopped Edwards after 5 on second down to make it 3rd-1 again. French got help from DE Conner Hess (59) to drop Edwards, but not until after he picked up 3, good enough to move the chains to the 44. Rifenberg and French stopped Harris on a QB keeper after a 3 yard gain.
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Then it was Sayre and Rifenberg bringing down Edwards after a 7 yard gain and another first down to the Adams 46. RB Anthony May (24) got the next carry and found room for 11 before DB Anthony Patritto (3) and Rifenberg teamed up to bring him down with help from Sayre. Mitchell and Hess dropped May on the next play after a gain of 1. On 2nd-9 from the Highlander 34, Harris found Edwards lined up in the right slot, uncovered, and he hit him for a catch and run of 9; Patritto and DB Nick Kania (2) on the tackle. 1st-10 at the Adams 23. May got the carry and found room around left tackle for 9; LB Ethan McCoy (7) and Patritto brought him down. DT Tim Anderson (65) brought down May on the next play for no gain. On 3rd and 1, they handed it again to Donovan Edwards. The Laker blue-chipper tried to get around right end but Nick Kania denied him. Kania popped him out of bounds for what looked like no gain right in front of the side judge. But instead of 4th-1, West Bloomfield appeared to benefit from a poor spot; the ball was marked at the 13 for a first down instead of at the 14 where the runner went out of bounds. Slot back JuQuan Wiiggins (23) got it on an end around on the next play and Ryan Rifenberg kept him out of the end zone, but not until he gained 8.
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Mitchell, Sayre, and Rifenberg were all in on the stop of Edwards on the next play, stopping him short of the goal line at the 3 after a gain of 2. But QB CJ Harris punched it in on a read-option keeper on the next play. After the PAT, Bloomfield had a 7-0 lead. 17 play, 80 yard opening drive.

Adams first possession started at the 35. FB Maurice Swain Jr (24) got 5 yards on the first carry, then gained 2 on the next play. Twan Patritto carried it around left end for 12 yards on 3rd down, following the pulling Cole Mitchell and taking advantage of good blocks by tackle Bob Anderson and WR Collin Weeks (4), who sealed off the corner. QB Carter Farris (1) gained 3 on the next play, then it was Patritto for 1 to set up 3rd-6 in 4 down territory at the Laker 43. But they turned it over on the next play. It appeared Farris tried to pull it back for the keep on the read-option, but the ball was pulled out of his hands. West Bloomfield recovered.

It took one play for West Bloomfield to hit pay-dirt. They loaded up the deep middle zone. Both the wideout Lance Dixon (5) and the slot man Tre Mosley (7) ran deep post routes, Dixon over the top and Mosley underneath him. The safety got sucked up anticipating the throw to Mosley, their biggest receiving threat. Harris made a good read and threw an accurate deep ball to hit Dixon in stride over the top.
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53 yard score, and it was 14-0 after the PAT by Laker kicker Jake Ward (16).

After Collin Weeks returned it 30 yards to the Highlander 46, Adams started the drive with an incompletion. Then Carter Farris got it going on the ground. He faked the give to Swain Jr., who got tackled by the defensive end, and found room around right tackle. Bob Anderson and Conner Hess got up to the next level to take out the weak-side MLB Dixon (5), a Penn State commit. Anthony Patritto got a block on the play-side MLB, Cornell Wheeler (44), a U of M commit. Farris churned the corner and into open field. He ran untouched for 23 yards until safety Tre Shorter (9) knocked him out of bounds at the Laker 23.
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Farris kept it on the next play for 2 yards. Then he threw incomplete looking for Jack Bishop (5) in the end zone, but West Bloomfield was called for pass interference on the play. 1st-10 at the 11. Farris gained 3 on first down.

2nd Quarter

Maurice Swain Jr. lost a yard on second down. Patritto carried for 4 to set up 4th-4 at the 5. Adams decided to go for it. Farris threw a short pass to Swain Jr in the right flat, but he was tackled immediatley at the 4 yard line. Turnover on downs.

1st-10 at their own 4 for West Bloomfield. DE Reed Vogt (62) got help from Conner Hess to bring down Harris after a gain of 2. Rifenberg and Sayre tackled May after 4 yards on the next play. On 3rd-4 from the 10, Harris found Mosely open up the seam on the short side of the field, he gained 19 before Reece Collins stopped him and forced a fumble, but the ball was recovered by West Bloomfield. 1st-10 at the 29. Harris ran a QB draw for 7; Logan Sayre with the stop. Then Donovan Edwards found space for 1. The left tackle clearly held Daniel French to give him room; no call. Sayre and Collins made the tackle. Rifenberg got help from McCoy and Kania to knock Anthony May off his feet after a 8 yard gain.
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A false start moved them back to mid-field, then the Lakers made another big play. RB Edwards ran a wheel route out of the backfield and no Adams LB went with him. Edwards, only a sophomore, already holds offers from U of M, Ohio State, and Michigan State, among others, showcased some sure hands then pure speed. He had to stop and spin outside to catch the ball thrown behind him, but he still outran the defense to the end zone. 50 yard catch and run to cap a 7 play 96 yard drive. After the PAT, it appeared West Bloomfield was going to run away with it, 21-0 with 7:19left in the half. But that would be the last TD of the night for the Lakers.

The rest of the game would belong to Adams, albeit not enough to overcome the 21 point deficit as they couldn’t convert enough red zone trips into points. Adams got the ball back and started their first scoring drive at their own 9 yard line. After an incompletion, Patritto got it going off left tackle. Three great blocks on the play. Guard Cole Mitchell pulled and smacked the defensive end. Patritto cut between him and the block of tackle Bob Anderson, who first sealed off the defensive tackle, then got to the next level to put a block on the weak-side linebacker. Reece Collins put a great block on the play-side backer, and Patritto gained 10 before safety Makari Paige (8) brought him down.
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Sophomore FB Nick Traficante (34) got his first varsity carry on the next play, and he gained 5 yards. Reece Collins then reeled off 16 yards around right tackle. All four Highlanders on the right side got good blocks to allow Collins to find the edge. Wideout Jack Bishop kept the corner away, and slot man Patritto, tackle Hess, and guard Mitchell all took out play-side defenders. Collins made another big play on the next snap, as he dove to catch a pass from Farris to bring it in just off the carpet and keep his hands under the ball for a first down grab worth 13 yards.
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On 1st-10 from the Laker 47, it was Patritto again for good yardage. Reed Vogt, Bob Anderson, and Reece Collins all had good blocks, and Patritto went off-tackle for 8. Collins got stopped for 1 to make it 3rd-1 from the 28. Farris tried to go up top to Patritto but he was well covered. 4th-1 from the 28. Farris faked the give to Swain and got good blocks from Hess and Patritto to find the right edge on the read-option keep for 9 yards and a first down on the West Bloomfield 29. Farris was incomplete on first down after the ball was tipped at the line. Then he rolled right under pressure and missed on a pass intended for Patritto. 3rd-10 at the 29. Farris took the shotgun snap and threw strike to Reece Collins, who ran a nice in-route from the slot and took it down to the 11 yard line to set up 1st-10. Patritto almost took it in on the next play behind the great block of Bob Anderson, who absolutely stuffed the play-side backer Dixon. But he was stopped 3 yards short of the goal line on a good tackle by the safety Shorter. Swain Jr was stopped for 1 and Patritto was stopped for no gain to set up yet another forth down. This time 4th-1 from the 2 yard line.
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Maurice Swain Jr. got the handoff and pounded it into the end zone behind the blocks of Tim Anderson, Reed Vogt, and Bob Anderson. He got hit short of the line but showed determination, kept his legs churning, and got it across. Great short yardage running. 16 play, 91 yard scoring drive by Adams. Ben Patton knocked the PAT through to make it 21-7 with 48 seconds left in the half.

West Bloomfield got it back at their 38 and again threatened. A 16 yard Harris pass completion to Dixon, who got out of bounds at the 46, started it off. Then Harris found McCano Hayes (4) for 12 more before Weeks brought him down. 1st-10 at the Adams 34. Harris clocked it on first down, then completed another pass to Hayes for 8 yards. Then a holding call nullified a Harris scramble and a pass intended for Mosley and defended by Patritto fell incomplete to close out the half.

3rd Quarter

Adams started the half with the ball at their 27. Patritto ripped off 23 yards around the left side. He out-ran the defense to the edge and got a good block by Weeks on the corner. Swain Jr then carried it for 5 yards up the middle. Nico Jackson (21) got the next carry and he found the edge with pure speed. 16 more yards down the right sideline and into Laker territory at the 46.
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Then Swain Jr. rumbled for 12 up the middle behind great blocks from Mitchell, Tim Anderson, and Vogt. 1st-10 at the 17. Patritto ripped off 8 more on the next play, using blocks by Jackson and Weeks to find the left edge. 2nd-2 at the 9. On the next play, Swain Jr appeared to gain a yard to the 8.
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He went past the yellow soccer line on the field, which is at the 8 yard line. Yet the ball was spotted for no gain, back at the 9 to set up 3rd-2 a the 9. In real time, no one knew what happened. That yard was important; it made it 3rd-2 instead of 3rd-1, which meant the 1 yard gain by Jackson on the next play made it 4th-1 instead of 1st-goal. But film revealed Swain Jr. had the ball popped free of his grasp as he went down; Tim Anderson fell on the fumble at the 9. On 4th-1, the Lakers guessed correctly that Farris would keep it on the read option, and they dropped him for a 2 yard loss. Devastating turnover on downs at the West Bloomfield 10 yard line.

West Bloomfield wouldn’t have it long. Running out of the wildcat formation, RB Donovan Edwards took the shotgun snap. Good pressure off the edge from Rifenberg and good coverage on Mosley by Patritto may have contributed to the high pass. Nico Jackson was there to make the interception on the overthrow to give the ball right back to the Highlanders.
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Highlanders ball at the Laker 34. After a late hit moved it to the Laker 19, Patritto was stopped for no gain, then for a loss of 1 to set up 3rd-11. Offsetting penalties benefitted Adams after an incompletion, but the 3rd down redo was incomplete as well, intended for Bishop on a quick slant, just wide. Adams gambled and passed up a 37 yard FG try to go for it on 4th-11. The gutsy call paid off as Collin Weeks took the pitch, then lofted a pass into the end zone where Jack Bishop made a great sliding catch on the contested ball for a 20 yard scoring strike.
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After Patton knocked the PAT through, it was 21-14 with 4:51 left in the 3rd.

Edwards took the first down handoff from the Laker 20 and Ryan Rifenberg tripped him up after a gain of 5. Then Cole Mitchell dropped Harris after a gain of 2. Edwards found room for 5 more; Rifenberg with the stop. Then Rifenberg sealed the edge on the next play to keep Edwards from getting outside and was able to dive and hang on to his ankle for a 2 yard loss.
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Edwards got it back and knifed for 7 yards on the next play; McCoy and French on the stop. 3rd-5 from the 37. Shot gun snap to Harris and Rifenberg and Sayre brought pressure off the edge. Rifenberg shot in there first, Harris had to shift up on the pocket to avoid a big hit. Sayre was there to wrap him up. Rifenberg and Reed Vogt helped Sayre bring him down for a huge sack.
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Loss of 9 yards, and the Lakers punted it away.

Adams started at the West Bloomfield 47 after a poor punt with a short field and the momentum, but they couldn’t take advantage. Swain was stopped for a yard, then two incompletions, the first a deep shot to Jackson who was well covered by Dixon, the second deep over Patritto under heavy pressure. Both Highlander wing backs, Jackson on the left, and Patritto on the right were clearly held by the safeties as they tried to get vertical up the seams; no call. Farris quick punted on 4th-7, and it was a good one, downed at the Laker 7 yard line.

CJ Harris passed to Donovan Edwards in the left flat and he ripped off 13 yards before Nico Jackson bumped him out of bounds.
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4th Quarter

Anthony May got the next carry and was dropped by Logan Sayre and Daniel French after a gain of 3. Conner Hess made a big play on second down, sacking Harris for a loss of 3. On 3rd-10 Rifenberg and French limited Harris to 8 yards on the QB draw and they punted on 4th-2 from their 27.

Adams ball on their 37. Twan Patritto made a huge play on 1st down. He took it going around left end toward the short side of the field, but West Bloomfield had it bottled up. He reversed field and showed off some speed as raced all the way back to the right sideline for the longest play of the night for Adams, a 39 yard gallop all the way down to the Laker 24 yard line.
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Farris was stopped for no gain, then Patritto was stopped after picking up 5. 3rd-5 from the 19, and Jackson was thrown down for a loss of 1. 4th-6 from the 20 and they again decided to go for it, Weeks tried to throw the halfback option pass, this time they tried to get Farris open on a wheel route to the left, but it was well covered. Weeks had to let it go into the end zone where it was picked off by Tre Shorter. For the third time, Adams had got to or inside the West Bloomfield 20 yard line and were turned away with no points.

Donovan Edwards carried for a gain of 7 on first down; Patritto made the tackle. Edwards ripped off 15 on the next play, Ethan McCoy brought him down.
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Daniel French limited Edwards to 6 yards, then Harris got 6 of his own before McCoy and Sayre stopped him. Conner Hess had the next tackle of Edwards, after another 6 yard rip. Harris found his wideout Tyrone Broden (3) on a short stick-route and he picked up 12 before Sayre and Rifenberg ran him out of bounds. Conner Hess came up with a big play on first down as he kept Harris from finding the edge, then wrapped him up and got help from Sayre to drop him for a 1 yard loss.
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Nick Kania shot and knocked Edwards off his pins with help from Reed Vogt to limit him to only a yard on second down. 3rd-10 from the 25. The Highlanders dodged a bullet after letting Edwards get into the left flat uncovered, but the pass from Harris was a little high, and it fell incomplete. A 42 yard field goal attempt was no good, and the Adams defense had come through with another 4th quarter stop when they needed it.

Adams ball at their 20 down by 7 with 2:20 left in the game. Incomplete intended for Patritto, who had Dixon all over him before the ball arrived and never turned his head. Adams fans expected a PI call, but there was no flag on the play.
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On 2nd-10, DE Sterling Miles brought heavy pressure forcing Farris out of the pocket and he had to throw it away. 3rd-10 and Farris threw a great ball to Patritto who was open on the skinny post 25 yards down field, but the normally sure-handed receiver wasn’t able to bring it in. 4th-10 and Adams had to go for it. Again Farris faced pressure and threw under duress incomplete; intended for Jackson.

1st-10 from the Adams 20. Harris kept it and was wrapped up by Tim Anderson who got help from Rifenberg to bring Harris down for a loss of 2. Then Anthony May found room for 9 yards before Hess made the stop. A holding penalty negated an Edwards TD run to make it 3rd-12 from the 22. Rifenberg dropped Edwards after a gain of 1 yard.
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Ward came on to boot a 38 yard field goal to make it 24-14 West Bloomfield with 1:33 left in the game.

On the ensuing kickoff, Collin Weeks kept Adams in the game. He took the kickoff at his 14 yard line, burst through an opening up the right hash, cut to the middle of the field at the 40, and showed off some big-time wheels as he ran away from the defense to take it into the north end zone’s left corner. 86 yard touchdown return for Weeks.

The PAT was no good. The snap was a little low, which caused the hold to be a little late, Patton couldn’t catch it clean. 24-20 game with 1:17 left.

West Bloomfield was able recover the onside kick, which iced the game, and made the missed PAT irrelevant. They lined up in victory formation, kneeled three times, and ran out the clock. 24-20 was the final.

The Highlanders out-gained the Lakers in rushing yards, 217 to 165. But the Lakers had the advantage in passing yards, 191 to 54, and total yards from scrimmage 356 to 271. For West Bloomfield, RB Donovan Edwards was held to 88 yards rushing on 20 carries, but he caught 3 balls for 71 yards and a touchdown. QB CJ Harris was 9-12 for 191 and 2 touchdowns through the air and he rushed 12 times for 24 yards and another score. RB Anthony May rushed 8 times for 45 yards. Lance Dixon caught 2 balls for 69 yards and a TD.

For Adams, Twan Patritto again led the rushing attack with 13 carries for 116 yards. Carter Farris carried 7 times for 38 yards. Maurice Swain Jr. had 10 carries for 28 yards and a TD. Reece Collins had 2 carries for 17 yards and caught 2 passes for 31 yards in spite of missing the entire 2nd half with an injury, which was another big factor in this game. Nico Jackson carried 3 times for 21 yards. Jack Bishop had 1 catch for 20 yards and a touchdown. Collin Weeks had over 100 return yards including the 86 yard kickoff return TD. On defense, the Highlanders were led by Ryan Rifenberg, who was in on 16 tackles. Logan Sayre was in on 12. Daniel French had 10 stops. Conner Hess made 7 tackles, Ethan McCoy had 6. Twan Patritto, Cole Mitchell, Reed Vogt, Nick Kania, Reece Collins, and Tim Anderson all were in on 4 stops. Nico Jackson had an interception, and he and Collin Weeks had 2 tackles each